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PSSA Test Scores Take Expected Plunge Statewide and Locally

The PA Department of Education (PDE) released test scores today for the 2015 PSSA standardized tests, the first battery of those exams in English and math aligned to the new, more rigorous PA Core Standards based broadly on the national common core curriculum. It was no surprise...
Posted On Sep 29 2015
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Bid to Postpone Keystone Test Graduation Requirement Could Slip Through State Budget Chaos

A bill that would postpone passing the Keystone exams as a high school graduation requirement was approved in the state Senate two weeks ago.  What’s more, in an environment in Harrisburg that could hardly be more polarized, the vote was about as bipartisan as you can get:...
Posted On Jun 30 2015
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Testing, Testing 1,2,3: A Conversation with Cheltenham’s Education Director

With PA’s SPPs (School Performance Profiles) finally released in early November and the district still chewing over the reams of data, Citizens’ Call asked Dwight Nolt if he could make some time to masticate publicly, if you will, about how he sees Cheltenham’s...
Posted On Nov 17 2014
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