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Gratz Welcomes New Development Director

Len Zimmerman, a longtime staffer specializing in development for Jewish organizations, was recently appointed the new director of development for Gratz College in Melrose Park. In a press statement Gratz president Joy Goldstein, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Len to our...
Posted On Aug 18 2015
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Who Campaigns in the Heat of Summer? Estilow in Ward 5

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.  Now there’s an outdated notion, if ever it was true  – unless you’re in the habit of taking two months off to unwind.  And if you don’t own a hedge fund, don’t let the thought even penetrate. In the news...
Posted On Aug 04 2015
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Low Flying Helicopter Pays Cheltenham Neighborhoods An Extended Visit

Was that El Chapo on the run in Melrose Park?  Or maybe it was Jade Helm 15 after they decided they couldn’t take the heat in Texas but figured they could subdue Elkins Park and Melrose Park easy enough (don’t bet on it). Whatever that red and white chopper was doing Thursday...
Posted On Jul 16 2015
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