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Tues. Hearing Could Take District in Different Directions on Cedarbrook Project

After considerable debate and division in recent meetings on the design and cost of the Cedarbrook rebuild project, the Cheltenham school board is planning a state mandated hearing on Tuesday night, although a part of the recent controversy included whether the hearing itself...
Posted On Oct 04 2015
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Celebrating Wyncote Elementary’s Grand Reopening

It’s not every day that a sparkling new school facility gets introduced to a community for whom it couldn’t be too soon.  Beaming faces, high spirits and some welcoming speeches from school and community leaders were in order for the reopening ceremony of Wyncote...
Posted On Sep 04 2015
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Superintendent Vows to Bring Cedarbrook Construction Costs ‘Back Down’

With Superintendent Wagner Marseille’s first public comment last week on the Cedarbrook Middle School rebuild project since he came on board, the Sept. 1 meeting of the board’s Facilities Committee is shaping up to be a clarifying moment along the project’s...
Posted On Aug 20 2015
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Kiefer Gets Real Estate Consultant Contract; For What is Less than Clear

William Kiefer, who concluded his tenure as Cheltenham’s acting superintendent in June, can add another notch to his belt of district positions he has held over the years. The latest, approved Tuesday night at a special board meeting to decide a range of personnel issues,...
Posted On Jul 22 2015
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New Wyncote Elementary Almost Ready; Modulars to Get Close Look

Construction of Wyncote Elementary is close to 100 percent complete, despite a minor wet weather slow-down in June,  according to the Cheltenham district’s Support Services Director Ray Bavi.  Soft soil was the primary culprit, which required putting off construction of the...
Posted On Jul 21 2015
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Key District Meetings Tuesday on Cedarbrook Design and Next Year’s Budget

With architects for the Cedarbrook rebuild chosen in mid-April, the Cheltenham school district is moving ahead with the project and will hold meetings this week to seek public input on design issues for a revived Cedarbrook.  Two of those will occur on Tuesday, May 5 at the...
Posted On May 04 2015
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School Board Gets Recommendation on Architect for Cedarbrook Rebuild with ‘Process’ Questions Raised

The administration of the Cheltenham Township School District (CTSD) recommended this week the hiring of Gilbert Architects for the design of the projected $46 to $49 million Cedarbrook Middle School Rebuild Project.  The recommendation to the board, including an outline of the...
Posted On Apr 10 2015
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School Board Approves RFP for Cedarbrook

  by Edie Cerebi   In a highly anticipated action, the Cheltenham School Board approved a Request for Proposals (RFP) for architectural services in the rebuilding of Cedarbrook Middle School. The authorization passed 7-2 at the March 10, 2015 meeting at the...
Posted On Mar 13 2015
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School Board Ready to Act on Cedarbrook

The Cheltenham school board will almost certainly vote to move ahead with the rebuilding of Cedarbrook Middle School by going forward with an RFP (request-for-proposal) for architectural services at its board meeting next week.  That was the key take-away from the board’s...
Posted On Mar 04 2015
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Districtwide Facilities Plan Enters Picture Near Crunch Time for Cedarbrook Decision

Tuesday night’s Cheltenham school board meeting, the fourth Cedarbrook-focused meeting in the last six weeks, was to be the moment of decision that would kick-start the Cedarbrook Middle School project into an accelerated high focus after months of seeming fits a...
Posted On Jan 15 2015
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