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Gas Drillers Accused of Undue Influence in PA Government

A new study finds a 47 percent increase in campaign donations from the natural gas industry to PA politicians in the 2013-2014 election cycle over 2011-2012.  The sector contributed $2.8 million in 2013-14 and its lobbying expenditures in the state grew 13 percent to $17.9...
Posted On Apr 30 2015
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Campaign Money and Public Policy: Perfect Together?

The Bernard Wolfman Civil Discourse Project at Congregation Beth Shalom presents its third annual forum this Wednesday night.  This year’s topic, “Money and Politics: Does Money Make Policy?” unleashes the fundamental questions of the trajectory of American democracy itself. ...
Posted On Apr 07 2015
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Common Cause/PA Presses State Senate Committee on Gift Ban

In the aftermath of recent headline grabbing ethics scandals, PA law makers are considering strict limits, if not an outright ban, on gifts that lobbyists and others seeking government favors can provide to public officials. Currently there are no limits on gifts, although they...
Posted On Apr 29 2014
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