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Who Campaigns in the Heat of Summer? Estilow in Ward 5

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.  Now there’s an outdated notion, if ever it was true  – unless you’re in the habit of taking two months off to unwind.  And if you don’t own a hedge fund, don’t let the thought even penetrate. In the news...
Posted On Aug 04 2015
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Portner Running as Republican in Ward 3? Still a Maybe

Harvey Portner, who seems to have had a certificate of title for his Ward 3 commissioner seat as a Democrat for the last 27 years, is thinking.  Thinking about running as a Republican, that is, after being cast out of the cozy political sinecure that is – let’s face...
Posted On Jul 14 2015
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Pransky Vanquishes Portner in Cheltenham Ward 3

In a race that had many Cheltenham Democrats fraught with apprehension, their endorsed candidate, Brad Pransky, overwhelmed veteran Commissioner Harvey Portner in Ward 3 with 73 percent of the vote, coasting to victory by a margin of 612-231, based on unofficial returns election...
Posted On May 19 2015
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Portner and Pransky Campaign Finance Reports Show Different Bases of Support and Campaign Approaches

Ward 3 rival Democrats Harvey Portner and Brad Pransky certainly have some things in common, notably their long tenures as township residents, their general commitment to Cheltenham Township and their passion for furthering real estate and business development here.  Even their...
Posted On May 16 2015
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‘Meet the Candidates’ Monday Night at All Hallows Church

With less than seven weeks left before the May 19 primary, it’s time to get to know the candidates for local office – and maybe pepper them with some questions.  (Hint: development issues, property tax exemptions, school construction concerns – you name it). The...
Posted On Apr 01 2015
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Pransky Challenges for Ward 3 Commissioner Seat

With the recent endorsement of the local Democratic party under his belt, Brad Pransky is set to run against seven-term incumbent Harvey Portner in Ward 3 in the May primary.  Pransky, 64, of Elkins Park, has been active in community affairs for many years, although this is his...
Posted On Mar 12 2015
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Sharkey Goes for Another Term in Ward 1

Two-term Republican Commissioner Drew Sharkey declared his candidacy this week to retain his seat in Ward 1.  Until now he had been off the list of endorsed candidates by the Cheltenham Township Republican Organization because he was still in decision mode. Sharkey told...
Posted On Mar 06 2015
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Republicans to Take On Uphill Battle in Cheltenham

There’s nothing like the thrill of a great competition – in politics or any other realm.  But it’s a lot less riveting when you’re the overwhelming underdog.  Just plenty of hard work in what feels like an endless climb.  Sometimes you do it anyway because...
Posted On Mar 02 2015
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Cheltenham Democrats Unveil Primary Slate

Cheltenham Democrats this week in an air of confidence settled on their endorsed ticket for the upcoming May primary during their meeting in Elkins Park.  While the business at hand was township races, the countywide political context also was on display with Montgomery County...
Posted On Feb 12 2015
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Democrats Reject Ward 3 Incumbent Portner

Harvey Portner, Ward 3 commissioner for the last 27 years, is running again.  That’s no surprise.  Just about anyone who knows him knows this: he more than likes his job, has definite views about the direction of the township and sees no reason to yield the local limelight....
Posted On Feb 10 2015
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