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Democrats Talk Politics (What Else?) at Monthly Meeting

Newly minted state Sen. Art Haywood (PA-4) came back from his first week in Harrisburg with a slight preview of what’s to come in what promises to be a fascinating political year at the state Capitol.  The Senate Republican majority agenda, he said, features three items:...
Posted On Jan 15 2015
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Democrats Take Local State Legislative Races as Expected, but . . .

Whatever you make of the broader political scene in the aftermath of tonight’s election, the local state legislative races in this area went true to form with the two Democrats meeting high expectations – and then some.  Art Haywood, the Ward 2 Cheltenham Township...
Posted On Nov 04 2014
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A.P. Report: Prepare for ‘Big Gimmick’ State Budget

As lawmakers scratch, claw and cajole to piece together a budget in Harrisburg to meet their June 30 deadline, it’s no surprise even to casual observers that the state’s fiscal situation is dire and likely getting worse.   While good news on the state budget front is...
Posted On Jun 29 2014
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Early Stage of Democratic Guv’s Race Surfaces in Wyncote

A Democratic candidate for Governor did a campaign stop in Cheltenham on Sunday and no, it wasn’t Allyson Schwartz. The first and only – to this point – declared candidate for the Commonwealth’s top job, John Hanger, made an incursion into Schwartz...
Posted On Feb 18 2013
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