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Citizens’ Call is a daily online local news website serving Greater Cheltenham, PA.  Like you, we’re locally-based, grounded in the community. And we cover “Philadelphia’s first suburb” – its neighborhoods, schools, community institutions, businesses, politics, government, restaurants and more – the way they deserve. We do it with accuracy and authenticity because that’s what our community needs and demands.  You could say we go for the grit behind the gloss.

And we want you – local businesspeople – as partners, so we can move Cheltenham forward – together. Put simply, our readers are your customers – or should be. You provide merchandise, services and/or products. We provide information, community connections and dialogue. We think that’s a great match.

Check out the options we offer (below) and contact us.  Let’s talk and figure out a way to tailor our services to meet your needs.  Call us at 215-782-8218; or steve(at)

Our introductory offer guarantees that all advertising units show up on every page of the website and that no ad will share the same space with any other ad (no rotation). We have four options:

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