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Citizens’ Call is a community news website devoted to Cheltenham Township, “Philadelphia’s first suburb.” Our terrain is a dynamic and diverse suburban community on the northwest border of Philadelphia. We cover its neighborhoods, schools, businesses, politics, government, development issues, the arts – the works.

Not to brag, but we’re your essential source on the low-down on what’s happening at the Cheltenham school district or when it comes to township zoning and development issues that will determine our community’s character 20 years down the road. We’ve been doing this work for some four years now, and we’ve developed a hard earned reputation as the most credible, reliable source in town for what you need to know.

Don’t forget to check out our new look (as of early February 2015) and quicker access for readers to the information they value most. If you’re new to Citizens’ Call or need a refresher, we urge you to take a quick tour. We think you’ll be impressed with the depth and breadth of our coverage and our visual presentation. If you’re familiar with our work, it’s only going to get better. We hope you’ll agree that we provide value that you can’t get anywhere else by adding to your understanding and appreciation of the Greater Cheltenham community.

We also stray beyond the local beaten paths when we can fill a gap or make a contribution in reporting on regional or statewide issues. On occasion, we’ll even climb onto our high horse when we think something needs saying. Government accountability at all levels and the reform of our administrative system of elections are examples of areas we monitor closely.

Steve 003Citizens’ Call’s founder, editor, publisher and primary reporter is Steve Strahs of Melrose Park, who also fills in as chief clerk and bean counter in his spare time. Steve’s educational background in history, public policy and urban planning led to a career in the public and non-profit sectors for city and county government and consulting to advocacy organizations and trade unions. He also had stints in journalism after college (some years back) working at daily and weekly newspapers prior to graduate school.
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